Olympia Gym, Athena Fitness and Wellness, Gets Strong and Builds Community

Olympia Gym, Athena Fitness and Wellness, Gets Strong and Builds Community


Tiffany Jones’ Athena Physical fitness and Wellness is on a mission to redefine feminine health and fitness. The Olympia gym is where women go to get potent in mind and overall body in a area that gathers as a local community to aid 1 a different in their journeys and methods of total-body health.

Possessing faced her very own health issues, Jones sought methods that led her to nutritional remedy, which changed her and her family’s daily life. Currently a licensed private trainer, Jones’ health treatment quest was the catalyst that shifted her tutorial target to nutritional therapy and physical fitness for older people. Soon after 10 decades of staying an elementary faculty trainer, she shifted into training health and fitness and physical fitness to older people, and she opened Athena in February of 2020 as owner and operator.

Gymnasium in Olympia Can help Bodily, Mental and Nutritional Overall health Routines Adhere

Performing exercises in a massive gym with multi-tale sq. footage, alongside dozens of strangers can be distracting for many people today and can final result in nutritious ambitions remaining dashed. Finding consolation and a local community to link with are key components that normally make individuals want to return and perform out a 2nd and 3rd time. Lesser scale gyms like Athena permit individuals to get to know one particular yet another and perform out in a welcoming house.

Tiffany Jones headshot
Previously a licensed particular trainer, Tiffany Jones’ well being care quest was the catalyst that shifted her educational aim to dietary treatment and conditioning for grown ups after 10 years as an elementary university instructor. Picture credit rating: Brittany Martorella Studios

Jones suggests the long lasting friendships that individuals make have to have three issues: positivity, frequency and intimacy. Athena supports all three. Substantial electrical power, optimistic, group routines carry persons collectively. Much more than 11 plans and a range of scheduling will allow for frequency. Remaining in a place exactly where 1 can experience protected and recognized, and share people times with many others who are likeminded, offers intimacy.

“Here we are accomplishing items seriously differently,” Jones says. “You will see no scales, no tapes, no body fats calipers. You will under no circumstances hear language that is similar to turning out to be lesser or losing excess weight mainly because we also know those don’t’ adhere. There is likely to be no chat of dieting.”

Athena Exercise Presents Halotherapy, Nutrition, Massage and A lot more

In addition to the physical mobility and toughness instruction rewards that appear with training, Athena also ways health and exercise holistically. Qualified and skilled staff members guidance consumers with therapeutic massage therapy, wellbeing coaching and dietary treatment.

A single of the therapeutic selections at Athena is halotherapy. Customers can loosen up in an anti-gravity chair, surrounded by a pinkish glow with salt on the walls, piled all over their ft and circulating as microparticles in the air. The initial of its variety in the South Seem region, the salt room presents rewards for a lot of individuals with lung and skin circumstances. Therapeutic time in the infrared sauna is connected to a long record of well being added benefits much too, which include anti-ageing, muscle repair service and stress reduction.

 anti-gravity chair in the halotherapy room at Athena Fitness in Olympia
Shoppers can relax in an anti-gravity chair for halotherapy in the salt space, the very first of its type in the South Sound place.
Photo credit history: Brittany Martorella Studios

“In health culture,” states Jones, “so significantly is concentrated on the movement without having any focus on anxious process treatment or pressure regulation, which I assume is palms down, the most crucial factor for our general well being. Group seems like it shouldn’t be linked to our wellness, but the quantity of connections we have is turning out to be the most significant indicator for longevity, and which is what Athena is about.”

Communities of Little or Large Team Classes for All Ranges

Simply because of the connectivity aspect, modest team, cross-match model courses prime out at 16 individuals, the place people today can get to know a single one more. Power coaching is an efficient way to keep bone energy, so it’s no surprise that weighty lifting with Olympic barbells is by considerably the most common exercise.

Lessons this sort of as Bodypump, 30-minutes of gentle to moderate bodyweight repetition with tunes, a person-hour Bodycombat with anxiety relieving punches and kicks or the Sprint session on indoor bikes use Les Mills created workout routines. A different, Bodybalance, is a low-essential, centering, mix of yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates that presents an possibility for rookies as well. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, bigger group or little, starter or knowledgeable, possibilities are loads.

Shifting the Impression of Nutritious Bodies at Athena

women on exercise equipment at Athena Fitness in Olympia
Tiny group, cross-fit type courses major out at 16 individuals, and individuals can get to know 1 a different. Photograph credit rating: Rebecca Sanchez

A significant variation at Athena is the refreshing concentrate on accessible, wholesome health and fitness goals, ideal to the desires and skills of the individual man or woman.

“Traditionally, exercise was about system shaping,” Jones states. “Women worked out to come to be thinner. Energy was not even a significant emphasis for ladies until eventually very recently. That is what health was. It wasn’t for us. It was not for our health and fitness and our longevity, our coronary heart, our psychological health, which is a person of the number 1 reasons people today are operating out suitable now. It was to change the condition of our overall body, ordinarily not in a healthier way.”

An owl mural on the wall satisfies people today at the start out of their exercise routine. Symbolic of Athena the Roman goddess of war and wisdom it signifies the attributes practiced at the health club: awareness about healthful practices and an environment of attaining toughness. At Athena Conditioning and Wellness, women, and gentlemen, take on a bit of the Roman goddess’s toughness and wisdom jointly as a exercise neighborhood. Discovering to love one’s entire body and earning a apply of strengthening the physical and mental prowess essential to face the globe and its difficulties are most likely what the goddess Athena would have carried out.

For much more information, stop by the Athena Physical fitness and Wellness internet site.


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