Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Fitness Awards

Good Housekeeping’s 2023 Fitness Awards

Whether you’ve reactivated your in-person gym membership or you now consider yourself an exclusive work-from-home and workout-from-home enthusiast, you’ve likely reevaluated your fitness routine within the past year or two. Maybe you’ve found a passion for virtual dance cardio sessions to start the day or you finally bought those resistance bands you had your eye on. Regardless of how your routine has changed, the trend this year (and one we hope is here to stay) is finding joy in the exercise and movement you choose to engage in.

Selecting the right gear to complement your exercise habits can add to that joy by providing a safer and more effective workout too. Plus, quality equipment and fitness apparel may give you that extra boost of motivation and push you to stick with it. That’s why our product experts and at-home testers put the latest exercise innovations through their paces to pinpoint the most impressive finds for GH’s annual Fitness Awards. Our 68 winners deliver superior performance while making exercise engaging, fun and something to look forward to. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or you consider yourself an elite athlete, we have top-tested picks that can level up any workout routine.

fitness awards

fitness awards

The wide array of experts in the Good Housekeeping Institute Wellness Lab make it one of the most comprehensive fitness-evaluation facilities in the industry. Our experts include on-staff certified personal trainers, fitness instructors, registered dietitians, fiber scientists, mechanical engineers and more. With our unique background, we’re able to combine expertise from different domains to comprehensively evaluate all varieties of fitness products and equipment. For example, our fiber scientists will evaluate workout leggings through extensive tests to gauge moisture management, opacity under standardized lighting, washability and more. Our fitness pros will take those same leggings and run them through everything from long walks to hardcore high-intensity interval training circuits to see how they move and feel during a workout.

But we didn’t have just our experts evaluate these products. We enlisted the support of over 300 consumer testers across the nation for real-life feedback on how easy products were to set up and use and whether they enhanced the testers’ current workouts and encouraged them to get moving. Our winners not only excel in performance but also make fitness engaging and gratifying. After rigorously evaluating hundreds of fitness products over the past five months, we’ve narrowed down a superb list that will set you up with the right tools and advice to elevate your 2023 workouts.

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fitness awards

Mike Garten

Hydration Hero

Sport Water Bottle With Spout Lid

Sport Water Bottle With Spout Lid

Always have H2O on hand with Takeya’s triple-insulated sport water bottle.

LAB RESULTS Our pros liked the wide mouth, which makes it easy to fill and clean. The larger grip cap makes it simple to open too. Plus, it is dishwasher-safe and has a convenient carrying loop for transitioning into and out of workouts.

A+ Greens Powder

Performance Greens

Designed for people with active lifestyles, Gnarly’s Performance Greens powder is made from whole foods and helps support steady energy and recovery.

LAB RESULTS GH’s Nutrition Lab dietitians loved that Gnarly recently became NSF Certified for Sport, meaning it has been tested for quality, purity and safety — a plus in the poorly regulated supplement industry.

Powerful Massage Tool

Hypervolt Go 2

Hypervolt Go 2

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Whether you’re plagued with muscle tightness or fatigue, massage guns like this winner from Hypervolt are a great tool for muscle recovery.

LAB RESULTS Our experts liked that this lightweight, portable percussion massager has extra-long battery life, is relatively quiet and connects via Bluetooth to the Hyperice app.

Rapid Recovery System

RecoveryAir JetBoots

RecoveryAir JetBoots

Now 22% Off

Serious athletes swear by compression systems like this one from Therabody in which the boots fill with air followed by a special compression sequence that helps to enhance blood flow and circulation, reduce pain and soreness and speed up recovery.

LAB RESULTS Our experts found the boots to be very effective in expediting recovery. Although they come at a hefty price point, competitive athletes and highly active individuals appreciated the quality and system.

Innovative Compression Therapy

Normatec Go

Hyperice Normatec Go

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You can reap the benefits of air compression therapy on the go with this new innovative portable design by Normatec. Free from external tubing, these wireless sleeves can run on each leg at the same time or separately and also connect to the Hyperice app.

LAB RESULTS The mobile nature of this innovative take on compression sleeves wowed our judges. Testers said they were small but powerful and found them very intuitive to use. “The battery lasts for several sessions, and there is a great array of levels of pressure to choose from,” one tester said.

Smart Food Scale

Smart Food Nutrition Scale

Smart Food Nutrition Scale

If you’re tracking macronutrients under the supervision of a registered dietitian, the Etekcity Smart Nutrition Scale, which connects to an app to measure and track your nutrition, can be a great tool.

LAB RESULTS Our registered dietitians like that the app uses the USDA’s up-to-date nutrition database for metrics. Testers liked that it was lightweight and compact, and said the app was great at helping track eating habits. “I have a fellow diabetic family member who needs to be able to weigh her portions and to adhere to a diet, and this is a perfect addition to help,” one tester said.

Mobility Mastery Tool


Stick Mobility Sticks

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Simple but effective, this tool from Stick Mobility can be used in a variety of exercises in joint mobilization, strength training and active stretching. Its slim design means it can be stored easily.

LAB RESULTS Both testers and our experts agree that the product is sturdy and well- made. You’ll have to watch the videos on its platform to get the most out of the stick, which one tester said was, “fun and easy to use to help with stretching and joint mobility.”

Cold Exposure Tank

Ice Barrel

Professional athletes have been submerging in ice baths after competition for years to help soothe sore muscles, but the popularity has grown with nonathletes too. Although the research is small right now, the findings are promising. Just fill the Ice Barrel with cold water and ice, then take the plunge.

LAB RESULTS This sturdy and relatively compact barrel is made from high-quality recycled materials. The barrel itself requires little maintenance, and cold exposure enthusiast testers said they loved the convenience of having this in their backyard as opposed to having to go to a gym to access one.

*It’s important to speak with your healthcare provider before participating in cold exposure therapy.

fitness awards

Mike Garten

Total Toning System

P3 Trainer

Sculpt and tone with P.volve’s three-in-one system, which provides total body resistance. Use the two bands with a handle, ankle straps or an attachable weighted ball to target arms, core and glutes.

LAB RESULTS: Our fitness pros were wowed that even the hardest-to-reach muscles were activated with this dynamic set, helping increase mobility, stability and balance. Testers loved that the system was compact, easy to set up and portable.

All-in-One Weights

Adjustable Dumbbell Set 66 lbs

Adjustable Dumbbell Set 66 lbs

Dumbbells are a versatile exercise tool that can help strengthen and tone practically every muscle in the body. Ativafit’s adjustable set allows for quick changes from 11 lbs to 66 lbs in 5-lb increments.

LAB RESULTS: Our fitness pros say that a quality set of adjustable dumbbells like this one can help you elevate your workout, improve your stamina and build muscle all while keeping your home gym organized and clutter-free.

Sophisticated Smart Bands

Rally X3 Pro

Resistance bands are some of the most underrated pieces of workout equipment. Our pros love Rally X3 Pro bands, which use smart tech to pair with an app that tracks your progress as you get stronger and offer adjustable resistance from 10 lbs to 110 lbs.

LAB RESULTS: Both experts and testers found the bands durable and well made. The app was easy to set up, and the trainers go step-by-step with you through the workout. The bands are also highly portable so you can get in a workout anytime, anywhere.

Versatile Vest


This well-designed weighted vest from Omorpho evenly distributes small weights across the body for the perfect amount of resistance to challenge your muscles and maximize calorie burn.

LAB RESULTS: Compared to other weighted vests we tested, our experts say the Omorpho one provides superior design with uniform weight distribution to help you level up your fitness. Testers saw a noticeable difference in their workouts, even while simply power walking with the vest on.

Top-Notch Yoga Mat

PROlite Yoga Mat

Manduka‘s popular mat provides dense cushioning to support stability and joint protection throughout your yoga flow. It also has a textured top area to prevent both slipping and sticking as you move. The PVC material makes it latex-free, which can be difficult to find in high-end mats.

LAB RESULTS: It’s consistently a top performer in our evaluations. After more than 40 hours of use in our recent review, it earned high praise from testers, who raved about the long length that made a big impact in their performance. “It’s just enough thicker that it’s quite comfortable, without being thick enough to compromise balance,” one tester said.

Innovative Balance Board


This interactive balance board combines with an app to gamify your workout. This simple but effective piece of equipment can provide a full body workout in minutes.

LAB RESULTS Testers found the app easy to install and operate, and especially loved how effective the board was for improving core strength. “The games on the plankpad app made working out more engaging,” a tester raved.

Trail Running Vest

Dyna LT

This vest from Osprey is designed for trail running. You’ll find two 360-mL soft flasks on the sides and pocket space for easy access to your gels, phone and more.

LAB RESULTS Our pros and testers both agree that the minimalist design allows for great ventilation and comfort. Testers loved how light and easy to use it was while still remaining durable. “I would recommend it to a friend or family member that hikes or takes extended walks. I like the fact that you didn’t have to carry anything,” one tester said.

Versatile Resistance Trainers


Credit: LIT Method

This fully connected fitness system from LIT combines weights, a Pilates reformer and a cable system all in one for resistance up to 200 lbs. These compact, portable and affordable smart resistance trainers offer a slew of metrics to optimize performance and injury prevention.

LAB RESULTS: Our fitness pros were impressed with how the system informs you of form issues and muscle imbalances in real time, which is especially useful when working out from home. You don’t have to charge the bands and they automatically turn on when you start using them for a seamless workout experience.

fitness awards

Mike Garten

Concierge Fitness

Studio Lift

Using a 4K resolution touch-screen mirror with a two-way camera, Forme can be anchored to the wall or placed on the floor and provides a variety of on-demand workouts, including strength, yoga, barre, breath work and more. The optional lift ($2,495) attachment provides resistance cable arms for strength training.

LAB RESULTS Both experts and testers liked that the system pairs you with a pro who customizes a plan based on your goals and can be accessed through live one-on-one personal training. Barre enthusiasts will love that you can add on a wooden barre attachment ($295) for a studio-like experience too.

Smart Strength Trainer


An addition to Peloton’s bike and treadmill, the Guide is the brand’s first connected strength product. It includes a camera that allows you to see your form onscreen during the workout and track reps and more.

LAB RESULTS Our fitness pros appreciate that Guide’s advanced technology helps you home in on specific body parts, track your progress and personalize your strength-training regimen. Testers loved the engaging instructors and dynamic workouts and how easy the guide is to set up. One tester said, “The trainers demoed the exercises in a way that was easy to follow, and I was able to get down proper form.”

Compact Home Gym


The Tempo Move is a compact, stylish home gym that conveniently stores weights in its sleek cabinet and uses the iPhone’s 3D camera to provide form correction in real time. Upgrade to a One-on-One Fitness Coach, and you can get custom plans and support to meet your goals.

LAB RESULTS Both our pros and testers loved how inconspicuous the design of this home gym is and how it was easy to set up and blends perfectly into any home. “This machine is a game changer in teaching correct technique,” one tester said. “I tested this while doing lateral dumbbell shoulder raises, and the machine correctly told me I was going too high.”

Trainer Matchmaker


Think of Wrkout as the Airbnb of personal trainers. Use the platform to filter fitness professionals according to your goals and their personalities and coaching styles. Then choose virtual or in-person training (or both). The virtual workouts show up directly on the platform.

LAB RESULTS Testers found their trainers to be knowledgable and attentive, and also had quick responses on their initial inquiry. “The instructor was very tuned in to my needs, including asking questions about my general health and lifestyle so we could exercise together appropriately,” a tester said.

Serious Strength Platform


This connected fitness product from Vitruvian bring the weight room to your home. The smart device delivers up to 440 lbs of digital weight and adjusts to your use in real time, increasing and decreasing the resistance to optimize it.

LAB RESULTS Our fitness pros couldn’t believe how heavy the lifts could get with Vitruvian’s software-driven weight training, making it ideal for those looking to lift heavy at home. The attachments make the device extremely versatile and its thin portable design makes it easy to store under your bed. “You don’t have to have multiple sets of dumbbells around to do a variety of different workouts,” a tester raved.

fitness awards

Mike Garten

Best for Mindfulness

Monthly Membership

Alo Yoga Monthly Membership

Now 50% Off

Designed as an on-demand yoga, fitness and mindfulness platform, Alo Moves offers thousands of classes to try, including meditation, barre, Pilates, boxing, face yoga, strength training and more.

LAB RESULTS: Testers appreciated that no matter where they were on their fitness journeys, the app offered accessible, approachable and motivating content. Our experts rave about the high-quality instructors, the effective exercise sequencing and the holistic wellness approach of the brand.

Best for On-Demand Classes

Fitness +

Apple Fitness+ isn’t just for those who own the brand’s watch — anyone with an iPhone can subscribe to and use the platform. It has seemingly endless class options, including cycling, treadmill, yoga, HIIT, rowing, meditation and more.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved the varied categories, the class length, the motivational trainers and the sense of community. Plus, if you’ve got a 4K TV set with Apple TV, you’ll love the video quality. Fitness+ can be shared with up to five other family members.

Best Digital Guide


The ClassPass app is the ultimate wellness matchmaker, allowing users to find and book in-person workouts, spa treatments and salon appointments at thousands of top-rated studios and businesses.
LAB RESULTS: One of our testers likened it to a dating app: “It’s great to use while you’re narrowing in on your potential match.” Our pros loved how easy ClassPass credits made it to achieve their desired fitness and wellness routines and try new fitness modalities.

Best for Upbeat Workouts


Obe Fitness App

Now 44% Off

Obe Fitness is a vibrant digital fitness platform that offers 22 live classes per day and a robust on-demand library. Choose from over 20 modalities, including strength, sculpt, dance cardio, Pilates, barre, step and yoga.

LAB RESULTS: The neon light box set changes colors throughout the workout, matching the enthusiasm of the energetic instructors. One tester said, “My gym really cut back on group classes in the last couple of years and has never really brought them back. So it was nice to do some classes through Obe!”

Best for Morning Routines


Ditch the snooze button and start your day with this gentle yoga alarm clock from Yoga Wake Up. You can explore hundreds of sessions, including two dedicated morning series, to feel grounded and refreshed.

LAB RESULTS: Each session is taught by an experienced certified yoga teacher, and the app also includes content like Reiki and sound bath meditations. Testers loved that they were able to do something positive for their wellness without even having to get out of bed. One tester said, “I really enjoyed Niki Saccareccia’s ‘A morning made just for you.‘ Their voice is so soothing, and this was the most enjoyable of the series I did.”

Fantastic Fitness Club


With nearly 160 locations across the U.S. and Canada, this popular fitness club offers spacious state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. Enjoy high-end gym equipment, effective group fitness classes, quality indoor and outdoor pools, pickleball and tennis courts and more.

LAB RESULTS: Testers were wowed by the facilities and their cleanliness, saying it was much better than other fitness clubs they had used in the past. The Kids Academy was especially useful for parents looking to stay active. Our experts were also impressed with the equipment variety and the motivating, seasoned instructors, accessible even on the app.

Best for Gamified Walks

Pikmin Bloom Walking App

Niantic Pikmin Bloom Walking App

Now 80% Off

This playful and casual mobile game is designed to encourage daily movement through walking. The app uses AR and location-based gaming technology to help you reach your daily 10,000 steps.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved the adorable and cute characters and found the platform very motivating to get them moving. “I think this could be a fun game if you wanted something interactive to use while looking to get more steps in during the day,” one tester said.

Best for Former Dancers

21-day Dancer Restarter Wizard

The Dancer’s Workout 21-day Dancer Restarter Wizard

Former dancers who are interested in returning to dance will love this online fitness program specifically designed for those who need an emotionally and physically safe path back to dance.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts loved that this program, designed by UNC School of the Arts–trained classical ballerina Jules Szabo, fills a unique gap for trained former dancers. “Classes were very good in teaching the choreography before going into the music and dance,” one tester said. “It was well designed to help you learn the choreography as you progressed.”

fitness awards

Mike Garten

Versatile Trainers

Fresh Foam 1080v12

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v12

Perfect for runs, walks and everyday use, New Balance’s shoes combine a flexible knit with a soft foam underfoot. Plus, they’re strategically designed with more foam in the wider portions and more flexibility where they are narrow. They’re available in sizes 5 through 13 as well as in three widths, including extra-wide.

LAB RESULTS: After logging more than 60 hours in this style, testers gave these perfect scores for fit, comfort and cushioning. Users loved their adaptability, and one called them “very lightweight and breathable.” Dr. Metzl highlighted the excellent construction and noted that they’re stable and suitable for any age.

Rad Road Runners

Glycerin 20

Brooks Running Glycerin 20

This new version of a beloved Brooks sneaker is extra-cushy when you’re pounding the pavement. You can also upgrade the design by opting for its StealthFit (which has more compression). Choose narrow, standard or wide, sizes 5 through 12.

LAB RESULTS: Runners swore that these improved performance, noting an increase in speed and a decrease in pain. “They made me feel light on my feet,” raved one, while another said, “My run felt very bouncy, with good forward motion.” Dr. Metzl also recommends these for people who are overweight or have arthritic knees or hips. because of their superior cushioning.

Beneficial Bounce

VIA Olympus

Altra Running VIA Olympus

With a high sole for maximum cushioning, these Altra Running shoes are designed to feel light while propelling you forward. The toe box provides ample room, and the upper fabric has perforations for breathability. They’re available in sizes 5.5 through 12.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers wore these for nearly 100 hours of exercise in total and unanimously praised the cushioning. One tester raved, “It felt like I could go faster and farther,” while another said, “All the contact points were well padded and very comfortable.” Our pros also noted the built-in arch support.

Supreme Speed

Deviate NITRO 2

Made with a premium foam designed for both cushioning and propulsion, this Puma style is ideal for anyone looking to run faster. It also provides padding around the ankle to keep your heel in place, plus traction to prevent slips. Available sizes include 5.5 through 11.

LAB RESULTS: Our testers appreciated how lightweight and cushioning the shoes felt during a variety of runs, from sprints to long distances. One told us, “It had plenty of cushion for impact and my knees didn’t bother me after the workouts.” Users also highlighted the stylish appearance in their reviews.

Outstanding Outdoor Boots

X Ultra Pioneer Mid ClimaSalomon Waterproof

Salomon X Ultra Pioneer Mid ClimaSalomon Waterproof

Now 13% Off

This all-weather hiking boot from Salomon provides good coverage and protection from the elements. It also incorporates plenty of standout features, like sharp lugs for grip on uneven surfaces and mesh that keeps out debris. It’s sold in sizes 5 through 11.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers swore by these for hiking in a varying conditions — including pouring rain — and on a range of terrains, from flat surfaces and sand dunes to forests and streams. They unanimously said it provided good cushioning and shared comments like “This boot held my foot in place on hills” and “They were very light, but sturdy.”

Handy Hiking Shoes

Women's Moab 3

Built for rugged terrain, Merrell’s low-cut model offers grip and protection without restricting movement. There are mesh panels for breathability and cushioning in the heel to absorb impact. Sizes include 5 through 11, with the option for a wide width.

LAB RESULTS: Testers easily navigated rocks, roots, mud and steep inclines, and they noted how well these shoes kept their feet stabilized throughout their adventures. They also appreciated the sneaker-like appearance, with one noting, “They were durable for hiking but also comfortable for walking around town.”

Enhanced Cushioning

Performance Sized-to-Fit Running Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s Performance Sized-to-Fit Running Insoles

These inserts from Dr. Scholl’s are designed to help increase performance, manage pain and prevent injury during runs. They offer extra cushioning to your shoes and in turn can increase comfort and absorb impact. Available in shoe sizes 5.5 through 13.5.

LAB RESULTS: Dr. Metzl notes that these are a great way to get correction, saying, “Though it might seem like more expensive orthotics are best, there’s not much evidence that most patients need anything tailor-made.” One tester described these as “cloudlike,” while another said, “It’s crazy how something as simple as this insole can make all the difference when exercising.”

Supportive Inserts

Adapt Run

Designed for both walking and running, these Superfeet insoles are ideal for anyone who is looking to add more support, especially those with lower arches or flat feet. They’re intended for sizes 4.5 through 14 and are made to be trimmed for the perfect fit.

LAB RESULTS: Users were impressed by how easy these were to fit into their shoes and told us they felt great both instantly and after hours of wear. One raved, “I felt fully supported in these, and they completely transformed one of my least comfortable shoes into something I’d be comfortable wearing for longer periods of time.”

fitness awards

Mike Garten

Sturdy Leggings

Women's Ad-Vantage Leggings

Outdoor Research Women’s Ad-Vantage Leggings

These high-waisted Outdoor Research workout pants have a unique print for durability in high-abrasion areas as well as convenient side pockets. They’re thicker than other styles yet still stretchy, making them ideal for outdoor workouts, including hiking.

LAB RESULTS: Our testers said they stayed put through all kinds of movements, and they aced our Lab’s stretch recovery test. Users also said they were comfortable in a wide range of workouts, and one noted, “The fabric is very breathable. I was wearing these on 95-degree days and it didn’t feel like I was wearing long leggings.”

Sleek Style

Kinetic Performance Pocket Leggings

ThirdLove Kinetic Performance Pocket Leggings

Featuring smooth fabric with flat seams, this ThirdLove pair has a high waistband and a slightly compressive fit to keep you supported throughout your movement. They’re comfortable enough to wear even when you’re not exercising, and they have spacious side pockets.

LAB RESULTS: They washed well and proved fully opaque in our Textile Lab’s test with standardized lighting, and testers said they looked great on them. One told us, “These leggings have the most flattering fit of all my leggings!” Our reviewers especially loved wearing them during low-impact workouts with lots of movement, like yoga and Pilates.

Premium Period Pants

LeakStrong Leakproof Leggings

Knix LeakStrong Leakproof Leggings

These innovative workout leggings from Knix have a built-in absorbent gusset so you can exercise with ease and without worrying about leaks or uncomfortable products during your period. They’re lightweight and stretchy to allow movement, and they have side pockets.

LAB RESULTS: One user raved, “They were comfortable to wear without underwear when I had my period. I felt fully protected from leaks.” Testers also said they had great coverage, and they proved fully opaque in our Textiles Lab’s review. Though the absorbent area took longer to dry, they held up well to repeated washing.

Ultralight Outerwear

W's Pace Wind Jacket

Houdini W’s Pace Wind Jacket

Perfect for keeping you covered outdoors without weighing you down, this Houdini jacket is lightweight and breathable yet water-resistant and durable thanks to its woven ripstop material. It’s also quiet, so you won’t have to worry about annoying swishing sounds.

LAB RESULTS: Testers wore it over the course of 30 workouts and were blown away by how lightweight and comfortable it was. One said, “I wore it in rain and I was kept dry. I wore it in humidity and I was not overheated at all.” They also loved how it easily packed down into a pocket, and several called it flattering.

Bounce-Blocking Bra

Kinetic Impact Sports Bra

ThirdLove Kinetic Impact Sports Bra

Get high-impact coverage with ThirdLove’s compressive yet wire-free style. It has adjustable and convertible straps in the back as well as built-in cups so you don’t have to worry about shifting. You shop based on your regular bra size to help get the best fit.

LAB RESULTS: Testers unanimously said it was supportive and didn’t budge during exercise. They also gave it high marks for fit and sweat-wicking capabilities and told us they planned to buy more for themselves after trying one of these out. “I absolutely loved it way more than my other bras,” raved one, while another said, “It’s the most supportive bra I’ve tried.”

Inclusive Support

Ultimate High-Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Ultimate High-Impact Underwire Sports Bra

Best suited for larger cup sizes, this Panache sports bra offers encapsulation to create separate support for each breast. It has wide, cushioned straps to reduce the strain on shoulders and includes an underwire and smooth, flat fabric.

LAB RESULTS: An H-cup tester was blown away, saying, “The level of support was amazing. No bounce at all.” Testers also appreciated having a style specifically designed for their body type rather than just a scaled-up size. Beyond that, it washed well without damage or signs of wear.

Smooth Stretch

Merino Sport Seamless Racerback Bra

Smartwool Merino Sport Seamless Racerback Bra

For low-impact workouts in which comfort and range of motion are key, this Smartwool bra has a soft merino wool-blend lining for softness and a racerback for easy movement. It has removable bedding for shaping benefits and a ribbed band for support.

LAB RESULTS: Our reviewers enjoyed it for a wide range of activities, like walking, yoga, aerobic classes, weight training and more. They noted that it was flexible, with one commenting, “This bra was easy to put on and take off, and it did not feel confining like some sports bras.” On top of that, it was so comfortable that this tester noted that they would wear it for lounging as well.

Comfy Cycling Shorts

Midnight Envia Spin Shorts

Primal Wear Midnight Envia Spin Shorts

Designed specifically for spin class, these Primal Wear shorts have hidden padding inside that’s anatomically designed for extra protection against the seat without being too bulky. Also, they have a high waistband, flat seams and stretchy fabric for increased comfort.

LAB RESULTS: Users on our tester panel appreciated how these looked like regular shorts rather than a heavily padded style. They also said the waistband stayed in place without rolling during exercise and the legs didn’t rise up. One commented, “They provided great coverage and comfort during my rides.”

Deluxe Socks

Running Ankle Socks

Bombas Running Ankle Socks

Designed specifically for workouts, Bombas smart socks have separate cushioning and ventilation zones. They also have a blister tab to prevent rubbing at the back of the heel and separate contoured fits for the left and right foot.

LAB RESULTS: Testers loved their comfort, saying they felt indulgent and stayed in place well without rolling down. Despite their thickness, they felt breathable during use; one tester said, “My feet never overheated and were never too sweaty.” On top of that, they proved shrink-resistant in Lab tests, and users said they washed well at home.

Cushy Wool Socks

Run-Targeted Cushion Low Ankle Socks

SmartWool Run-Targeted Cushion Low Ankle Socks

SmartWool’s running socks are made with a blend of nylon and merino wool, a fine type of wool that’s both soft and temperature-regulating. They also have more cushioning than typical running socks and are made using a special knitting technique that increases durability.

LAB RESULTS: They earned perfect ratings for cushioning in our consumer tests, and users raved about how well they stayed in place. One user who wore them for weeks said, “They didn’t fall into my shoes at all, but rather kept my feet fully covered throughout the entire run.” Several testers pointed out that they’re great for running in colder weather.

Breathable Period Panties

Air Hiphugger

Though designed for everyday use, Thinx’s lightweight period underwear is equally good for workouts thanks to breathable mesh and a quick-drying design. The absorbent liner can hold up to two tampons’ worth on light to moderate flow days or serve as a backup to other period supplies.

LAB RESULTS: Our testers were amazed at how these could absorb period flow without leaks yet still wick away sweat so they stayed dry during exercise. Testers said they were “a perfect fit” — i.e., not too bulky and snug enough so they didn’t move around. Our pros were also impressed by their speed of absorbency in the Textiles Lab’s review.

Soothing Sleeve

Ice Compression Knee Sleeve

Copper Fit Ice Compression Knee Sleeve

This sleeve from Copper Fit provides targeted compression for support and helps alleviate pain during movement. It’s made with a circular knit construction to keep it smooth and prevent chafing, and it’s stretchy to reduce struggles while putting it on.

LAB RESULTS: Our panelists wore it for over 50 hours combined and were thrilled with its performance. One noted, “It has the perfect amount of compression —not too tight so that it hurts or too loose so that it’s unhelpful,” while another said, “It doesn’t slip around when I’m moving. It didn’t stretch out over time, even after I wore it for a long period.”

fitness awards

Mike Garten

Fashionable Fitness Tracker


Style and functionality meet with this attractive fitness tracker from Withings that automatically tracks activity and monitors sleep habits, heart rate, oxygen levels and more.

LAB RESULTS: The design of this fitness tracker was a hit among testers and lab experts, especially for casual activities. “I love the look — it resembles a stylish everyday watch rather than an obvious fitness tracker,” one said. “It’s super sleek and great for daily wear with unique features like EKG and SpO2 tracking.”

Stay-Put Headphones

Sport Earbuds

Bose delivers superb audio quality with these compact, durable and comfy earbuds to power you through your workout session. Even during grueling sets, our testers said they stayed secure and are sweat-resistant too.

LAB RESULTS: Both our pros and experts found pairing to be quick and painless and the earbud’s sound quality crisp and impressive. “Setup was a snap – the box comes with easy instructions and pairs super quickly,” a tester raved. They don’t feature active noise cancellation, but their snug fit helps them stay in place without becoming uncomfortable.

Thoughtful Tracker

Inspire 3

Softer and thinner than its predecessor, the latest generation of Fitbit Inspire delivers impressive features like sleep, heart rate and Sp02 monitoring. The screen is easy to read despite the narrow design, and it has a solid battery life of up to 10 days.

LAB RESULTS The design, functionality and setup process all received top scores in our tests. “I have had Fitbit variations for years, and this was by far the easiest to set up,” said one tester. Our pros also liked the raise-to-wake feature, making it easy to check the time or steps walked without touching the screen. “I often forgot the Fitbit was there during workouts because of how minimal it felt,” another said.

Holistic Health Ring

Ring Gen3

Available in five beautiful shades, this discreet smart ring from Oura has built-in sensors that collect wellness info including heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), temperature and activity and sleep data.

LAB RESULTS Our Media & Tech pros were impressed with how well this smart ring tracked sleep all while feeling lightweight and comfortable in design. It’s an easy way to get a better overview of your overall health and well-being, without wearing a bulky device that needs charging every day. “I liked that I could wear my watch with this ring and that it was easy to use and set up,” one tester said.

Strengthening Suit

Training System

This suit from Katalyst uses Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology by sending low frequency impulses through the skin to directly activate your muscles unlike any other workout out there. In just 20 minutes you’ll find that the suit maximizes muscle activation with simple movements.

LAB RESULTS EMS now available in the comfort of your own home is a major breakthrough in the fitness industry. Getting the suit prepped and ready takes a bit of time, but once you get moving you’ll no doubt find the workout to efficiently hit all muscle groups. “The incredible muscle stimulation you get from the body suit is definitely noticeable, even after only 20 minutes,” a tester raved.

Smart Scale

Smart Scale P2 Pro

This easy-to-use smart scale tracks more than just your weight, recording up to 16 measurements like heart rate, body fat and muscle mass. It’s both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled, meaning that you can use it alongside your phone (via Bluetooth) or data will automatically upload into the EufyLife app when you step on the scale (via Wi-Fi).

LAB RESULTS Testers found this scale easy to set up and that it displayed information quickly. “I love all the functions the scale has,” said one tester. “It’s very accurate and has many features which all download to an app on your phone.”

Alexa-Enabled Health Tracker

Halo View

Amazon Halo View

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This fitness tracker from Amazon keeps tabs on your activity, movement and sleep and offers a range of content in the corresponding app like recipe inspiration, mindfulness tips and workouts. It’s the perfect sidekick for Alexa and Amazon users seeking basic stats and a glimpse into their health.

LAB RESULTS Our pros like that the Halo View features a large display, has a solid battery life of up to a week and is easy to set up. The app is intuitive to use too. It’s notably less expensive than other fitness trackers on the market but still successfully tracked activity on any given day in detail. “It’s unobtrusive and easy to wear,” said one tester. Others liked that the design is water-resistant, making it easy to clean the strap and device.

Noise Cancelling Fitness Buds

Fit Pro Earbuds

Fit Pro Earbuds

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Beats wireless earbuds pair so seamlessly with iPhones and have a sleek design that features wingtips that securely fit into most ears for a variety of workouts. On top of impressive sound quality, these earbuds offer noise cancellation so you can block out everything other than your playlist.

LAB RESULTS Our Media & Tech pros love the high-quality sound these tiny earbuds produce, as well as how effectively noise cancellation works to block out any outside noises. Most testers found the earbuds comfortable, fitting tightly in the ear canal, and were blown away by the sound produced.

Sensational Scale

Bluetooth Scale WW930XF

Weight Watchers by Conair Bluetooth Scale WW930XF

Reach your health and wellness goals with this smart scale from Weight Watchers by Conair that tracks your weight and delivers a full body composition analysis. You can sync the data to the scale’s app or import into the WW app.

LAB RESULTS Testers found the smart scale easy to set up and liked that it delivered detailed and useful metrics. The blue backlit digital display was also easy to read. “This is so much more than a scale! I receive information about my water composition, bone and muscle mass and heart rate,” one tester raved.

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Packable Paddleboard

2022 Performer 11' Inflatable Paddle Board - Blue/Wood

Body Glove 2022 Performer 11′ Inflatable Paddle Board – Blue/Wood

Paddle sports have exploded in recent years as people try to switch up their fitness routines, spend more time outside and reduce stress. Plus, paddleboarding is a low-impact whole-body sport.

LAB RESULTS: In our tests, our experts were blown away by how quickly and easily the Body Glove Performer 11 inflated. The pack-and-go inflatable board is convenient and innovative, reducing the intimidation factor.

Foldable E-Bike

Nakto Bikes Folding Ox

Nakto Nakto Bikes Folding Ox

Powered by an electric motor, this foldable e-bike from Nakto makes biking easier with five pedal assist levels. It is perfect for beginners and can be used for a variety of purposes, like leisure biking or commuting.

LAB RESULTS: We love that it folds up to a compact size to make storage easier and that the battery is removable. It also features a handy LCD display so you can keep track of key stats like battery power, speed and pedal assist levels. “It’s functional, safe, fun. It’s the Swiss Army knife of e-bikes,” a tester raved.

Sophisticated Mirror

Fiture Core Fitness Mirror

FITURE Fiture Core Fitness Mirror

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Fiture’s smart workout mirror uses innovative Motion Engine technology to track your motion and pace during workouts, counting reps and providing form feedback in real time.

LAB RESULTS: Testers had excellent experiences with delivery and installation and loved that it seamlessly blended into their homes. Our experts appreciated the range of fitness modalities available and the form-correction cues during class to help exercisers get the most out of a workout.

Connected Indoor Bike

7.0 IC Indoor Cycle

Horizon Fitness 7.0 IC Indoor Cycle

Riding a bike can improve your endurance and health, helping reduce heart disease risk. The Horizon connected fitness bike offers an affordable way to enter smart fitness.

LAB RESULTS: Syncing it with a variety of fitness apps was simple, so testers readily streamed their favorite cycling classes on their own tablets with the convenient holder. Our fitness pros appreciate that the bike offers 100 electronically controlled resistance levels too.

Pilates Powerhouse

Next Gen Pilates Reformer

REFORM Next Gen Pilates Reformer

Pilates is an effective, low-impact workout known for its ability to tone the whole body. While a reformer may seem daunting, it can be an incredibly useful tool to increase strength.

LAB RESULTS: Our pros were wowed by how Reform RX’s smart reformer had sophisticated built-in sensors to give feedback in real time. We loved that the resistance could be controlled with the touch of a button and that the foot bar adjusted to 28 positions for a wide range of movements.

River-Like Rower

Hydrow Wave Rower

A rowing machine provides a low-impact full-body workout that works muscles in your arms, core, glutes, shoulders, back and legs. The best rowing machines can elevate at-home exercise sessions, and the Hydrow Wave takes it to the next level.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts appreciated the brand’s smaller, lighter rower, built to offer the same best-in-class rowing experience as the original. Testers loved how they could get a solid workout in just minutes.

Smart Boxing System

Trackers with Bag

FightCamp Trackers with Bag

Want to boost endurance and build full-body strength? Boxing delivers an incredible workout and can help improve balance and coordination and even manage stress.

LAB RESULTS: FightCamp’s studio-quality content and machinery give you access to high-quality trainers and workouts ranging from fighter-style boxing to kickboxing, strength training and core work. At-home testers loved that it came with a freestanding bag, wraps and trackers (you can buy boxing gloves separately for $149).

Toning Trampoline

The Ness Trampoline

The Ness The Ness Trampoline

Trampoline fitness is the latest workout to grow popularity for its upbeat vibe that gives you a low-impact total body workout fast.

LAB RESULTS: Our experts point out that this high-quality trampoline from The Ness is springless and has a large jumping surface with arched legs for stability. Not only is it great for low-impact cardio, but the versatile trampoline can be used for toning too. Testers of all ages said their workout went by quickly since they were having so much fun.

Cargo E-Bike


Radio Flyer FLYER™ L885

This sleek cargo Radio Flyer e-bike can support at least two extra passengers up to 150 pounds in the customizable rear rack. You’ll be in for a ride with the throttle feature for when you need that extra push up a hill.

LAB RESULTS: This e-bike’s powerful motor impressed our Media & Tech pros as it handled various grades of hills with ease. Testers found adjusting the pedal assist levels easy and liked the range of powered options, as well as how the e-bike can carry a sizable amount in the basket attachment and has an LCD display. “It has good battery life and a solid bit of power in the motor,” a tester said.

Powerful Walking Poles

Jetti Poles

Lightweight and easy to use, these fitness walking poles weigh just over a pound a piece and have grips on top and in the middle, which lets you use them for both upper- and lower-body exercises.

LAB RESULTS: We were blown away by the incredible effectiveness of using Jetti Poles on walks. The added weight and support feels balanced and increases energy burn. Testers also liked that the poles provided stability and found some great ways to use them on the Jetti Poles social media pages.