Fundraiser by Barbara Hurst : Medical Treatment Needed

Fundraiser by Barbara Hurst : Medical Treatment Needed

Hello, my name is Barbara. I am a 52-year-old Spouse, Mom of 3 gorgeous little ones and freshly appointed Grandma to my first grand-baby.

 In 2012, following yrs of trying to get a diagnosis as to why I was possessing so several wellness troubles, I ultimately acquired one particular. Regretably, it was a lifelong prognosis of Main Progressive Several Sclerosis (PPMS) for which there is no get rid of.  At that time I was explained to that I experienced  MS for roughly 10-15 several years prior primarily based upon my MRIs.

Most important Progressive MS is one of the most intense and debilitating forms of MS as it is characterized as a progressive worsening of signs and symptoms from the onset of the ailment thanks to nerve damage. As opposed to other forms of MS, Major Progressive MS does not offer you periods of remission and often has a higher quantity of lesions on both equally the brain and the spinal wire. Also as opposed to other kinds of MS, the problems prompted by PPMS tends to far more normally be a result of nerve destruction rather than inflammation.

I am no longer successfully responding to my DMT (ailment-modifying treatment method), Ocrevus,  which is the only drug at this time available for PPMS.

All of my signs or symptoms, which involve serious long-term fatigue, continual agony, tremors, complications swallowing, cognitive concerns (which involve memory decline, confusion and issues formulating the proper text when talking), urinary and bowel difficulties, concerns with going for walks and balance, falls, muscle mass spasticity and agony, bone agony, numbness and tingling through the system, optic neuritis (eyesight decline), muscle weak spot and other folks have significantly worsened about the previous 2 years, so we began researching HSCT Cure.

Because of to nerve harm and other comorbidities, I am struggling from Degenerative Spine Disorder as properly There are bones all through my backbone, most notably in my cervical spine, that are severely compressing and even flattening my spinal cord. I also have lesions in the same places. The neurosurgeons sense that due to the fact of people lesions and my progressing MS that addressing these difficulties is far too perilous. Regrettably, they will continue to progress (ideally slowly but surely!) main to ongoing decline of mobility.

HSCT (hematopoietic stem mobile transplantation) is an intensive chemotherapy for MS. It is supposed to aid sluggish or even quit the progression of my MS. It aims to prevent the injury MS is leading to by wiping out and then regrowing your immune process cells. It can sluggish or halt MS progression for roughly 5 yrs! Sad to say, HSCT is unavailable in the US, with the exception of a really couple of clinical trials that most clients, myself bundled, are not suitable for. 

Just after careful research, we’ve decided to head to Clinica Ruiz in Mexico.  I was provided a date of arrival of 7/30/2023 and I will remain for the thirty day period of August, 2023. I am anxious, but very grateful for this option!

I have been experiencing a a lot more quick decline and whilst qualified now, I am extremely shut to no more time being suitable for the HSCT primarily based on the EDSS scores (incapacity scores).

Our journey to Mexico for HSCT Treatment is my best and only choice to try to conquer this monster and slow the development of the PPMS to provide me an prospect to have a much more wholesome and successful time with my family members who are the factors I fight so difficult as nothing at all is far more important to me than my partner, small children and now my granddaughter.  

Insurance policies does not include HSCT treatment method nor does it guide in any outdoors clinical fees connected with HSCT procedure. The price tag of HSCT at Clinica Ruiz is $54,500. We are attempting to increase $60,000 to deal with the treatment and those outside clinical fees which involve a yr of routine maintenance remedy upon arriving home.  

We cannot do this alone. We humbly talk to that you could locate it in your heart to assist us attempt to slow down the progression of my disease with your kindness and any donation that you can present. We inquire that you share this with everyone that you can.


“Exactly where there is HOPE there is Religion, where there is Faith, MIRACLES materialize”

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